It’s LUSTROUS and shines for the cost of two dimes*

concrete flooring shine
Beautiful, Durable, and Downright Cost-Effective

As a leading manufacturer of concrete floor polishing and resurfacing machinery, STONEKOR is acutely aware of the way concrete has been taking center stage in all areas of flooring, including in residential homes. One look at television, web-based, and print media shows modern design initiatives that highlight concrete flooring as an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and easy to maintain solution that achieves a high-end marble or granite-like finish.

This luxury finish can be found in schools, factories, auto dealerships, showrooms, museums, warehouses, retailers, and assembly facilities, where concrete flooring is appreciated for its high shine, incredible strength and durability, and superior resistance to oil and water-based substances.

Concrete does not start out this lustrous. STONEKOR’s machinery makes concrete floors brilliant through fine-diamond surfacing tools, select coloring, and densifiers (chemical hardeners) that make the substrate harder and increase the properties of concrete. The floors are easy to maintain with weekly damp mopping and save facility- and homeowners the expense and hassle of stripping and polishing their floors on a regular basis.

The chart below shows the long-term cost benefits concrete flooring affords its users:

long-term cost benefits concrete flooring

Before you replace your existing flooring or select the surfaces for your new construction project, we urge you to take a strong look at how concrete flooring may be the answer to your flooring needs. At $0.20 per square foot per year, it may just be the best value you’ll find in flooring.

*cost per square foot per year