As a key supplier for janitorial service providers, maintenance outsourcers, industrial businesses, manufacturers, retailers, and facility management groups, STONEKOR understands the significant commitment that is involved in selecting, operating, and maintaining equipment and supplies.

STONEKOR is paving the way to success for its customers, with innovation and education at the forefront of those strides.

Let’s talk for a moment about innovation. We are strong proponents of propane-powered equipment. (You can learn more about the core benefits of propane in our blog Get to Know Propane and Lead Your Business to a Better Future.) Pairing businesses with propane-fueled machinery benefits them on a number of fronts, including increased operator safety, longer-lasting machines, easier mobility, and a notable savings on power expenditures.

Next, we have education—a core focus for our company. Think of the first time you were tasked with learning how to use typical computer software, like Microsoft Word or Mac’s Pages program. The tools and functions available probably far exceeded what you needed to know for your first application, but as time went on and you discovered more of the program’s ins and outs, your tasks became easier and you became more efficient.

The same is true when you are faced with a new concrete grinder or floor polisher. We want to go beyond the owner’s manual to provide you with hands-on experience in your machine’s operation, maintenance, and repair.

Core Learning Principles
Common principles of adult learning indicate that people retain about 10% of what they see, 30-40% of what they see and hear, and 90% of what they do. Who do you think will work faster, more precisely, and confident that he is utilizing the machine to its maximum abilities—a person who reads an owner’s manual or one who is immersed in training by the machine’s very designers? We think so, too.

We are in the business of providing our clients with both the physical and intellectual tools for success. As partners in floor repair and care, we see your success as our success.