Full Service Factory Repair Center

STONEKOR offers a full service factory repair center for propane machines, buffers, engines, and gearboxes. The factory repair center maintains a staff of STONEKOR-certified technicians and experts. The service center is here to provide regular equipment maintenance or solve your most challenging equipment issues. Contact us today to schedule maintenance for your equipment.

Training & Educational Workshops: Concrete Grinding and Polishing, Engine Repair/Maintenance, and Gearbox Repair/Maintenance

You won’t find clumsily-written manuals or poor customer service when it comes to STONEKOR’s products. We build our machines from the inside out with your end uses in mind, and we provide top-notch, hands-on training workshops to help you harness and maximize your machine’s power.

We can train your staff in concrete grinding and polishing, propane engine repair and maintenance, and gearbox repair and maintenance. Contact us today to schedule initial or recurrent training for your staff.