LW-550 Lightweight Grinder & Polisher

The LW-550 offers a mid range grinding and polishing solution for light to medium duty floor preparation and finishing. The LW-550 utilizes our KORTM LD Drive System and medium-weight design to achieve rapid productivity on all surfaces. The LW-550 features a fixed head and flexible bearings to float easily over uneven floors.


  • Fixed Head Design
  • STONEKOR ProCarb carburetor
  • KOR LD Drive System
  • Exceeds EPA & CARB standards 11 gallon / 42 liter water tank
  • Wet or dry operation

Product Documentation

Tech Specs

  • Production:800-900 ft2/75-85 m2
  • Drum Speed:1,040 rpm
  • Head Speed:520 rpm counterclockwise
  • Head Pressure:350 pounds / 159 kg
  • Grinding Width:30 inches / 0.76 m
  • Vacuum Ports:1
  • Total Weight:650 pounds / 294.8 kg