Low Profile Edger

The Low Profile Edger offers a solution to rapidly grind and polish edges and seamlessly feather those edges into the main floor area. The Low Profile Edger cuts within ¼-inch of walls and obstacles, and its 3½-inch height enables the operator to grind under counters and overhangs. This machine greatly reduces the time and labor required to finish edges and achieves the same quality and specification with the main floor area.


  • Available in 13″ or 19″ heads
  • Adjustable head pressure
  • Direct drive rotation
  • 4 or 6 metals or resins
  • 11 gallon / 42 liter water tank
  • Wet or dry operation

Product Documentation

Tech Specs

  • Production:450-550 feet / 35-42 meters
  • Head Speed:640 rpm
  • Head Pressure:165 pounds / 227 kg
  • Grinding Width:13-19 in / 0.33 – 0.49 m
  • Vacuum Ports:1
  • Total Weight:615 pounds / 279 kg
  • Engine Speed:3,600 rpm