Benefits of Polished Concrete

At Stonekor, we know there’s nothing much better than a sturdy concrete floor with a mirror-like finish. Concrete is an extremely durable flooring choice on its own. When it’s polished, chemicals react with the concrete to create a naturally harder and more dust-resistant surface.

Polished concrete is lower maintenance than other types of traditional flooring. Cleaning polished concrete floors thoroughly can be achieved with water alone, and simple routine maintenance can keep these floors looking amazing for years.

Routine Maintenance

Increase the lifespan of your already durable polished concrete floor. Maintain that high gloss look while protecting the surface using the following tips:

  1. Mop regularly with fresh water and clean mops. Clean small areas at a time, allowing each to dry thoroughly.
  2. Aside from regular mopping, you can retain the beauty of your polished floors by using a neutral floor cleaner in high traffic areas. Avoid using cleaners with citrus, ammonia, bleaches, or vinegar on your polished concrete floors as these are not pH neutral cleansers.
  3. Clean up spills immediately to prevent them from being absorbed by the concrete.
  4. Place walk off mats in high-traffic areas to collect dirt and dust which may become a damaging abrasive. Mat services exist to provide fresh mats periodically to ensure dirt stays trapped and floors remain protected.
  5. We recommend renewing your polish every two years with professional equipment such as Stonekor’s Rejuvenator 3000.

Repairing Problems

Despite the execution of regular preventative maintenance, no flooring system is immune to accidents. Scratches and spills are still a risk for your floors, but are certainly not beyond repair.

Caused by foot traffic, forklifts, and other machinery, fine scratches damage the aesthetics and durability of your polished concrete floors. These scratches can be repaired with diamond pads on an auto-scrubber. High speed burnishing can help as well, and can be achieved with Stonekor’s EnviroPro series burnisher. The weighted EnviroPro increases floor temperature during burnishing to raise the gloss level, and its passive dust collection system traps and filters dust through a unique shroud design.

At Stonekor, we understand the importance of maintaining and repairing your polished concrete floors for longevity. We build our machines with your end goals in mind, making them simple, durable, and easy to maintain. We care about user-logistics, safety, final results, and of course–your bottom line.