Propane versus electric – it’s a question we hear frequently relative to concrete grinding and polishing equipment. Both solutions have their merits, and through your decision-making process we want to arm you with the facts about propane’s safe use. As leading providers in commercial floor maintenance machinery, we have a responsibility to our customers and our company to build durable, safe and easy to use products—all qualities we focus on when developing our innovative line of propane-powered solutions.

propane powered floor equipment

Is Propane Safe?  Propane Power Is A Safe Solution!

Propane power is a safe solution in a number of applications, especially in commercial flooring environments. Propane:

  • Does not require electricity, and thereby allows equipment to travel freely throughout the environment without consideration to extension cords and outlets
  • Eliminates the need for electrical and extension cords, thereby removing the potential of electrocution in wet or damp environments
  • Contains an odorant to alert operators of potential leak
  • Has a narrow range of flammability when compared to other natural gases*
  • Will not ignite when combined with air unless the source of ignition reaches at least 940 degrees Fahrenheit. In comparison, gasoline ignites when the source of ignition reaches only 430 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit*
  • Should it leak, does not puddle but instead vaporizes and dissipates into the air*
  • Exudes near zero exhaust emission and negligible carbon footprint
  • Can be used safely indoors
  • Exceeds EPA and CARB exhaust standards

STONEKOR designs, manufactures, and sells a full line of low-emission equipment solutions that are manufactured using rigorous safety standards. Our machinery delivers superior quality floors for industrial, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, office, and retail buildings. If you have questions about how propane-powered machinery can be used safely and economically in your environment, please contact STONEKOR.

*According to the Propane Education and Research Council