Brent WoutersSTONEKOR designs, manufactures, and delivers equipment for concrete grinding and polishing and janitorial applications. The company specializes in propane powered equipment with a full line of equipment solutions that are highly productive, extremely durable and very cost effective. STONEKOR competes against a number of domestic and foreign companies that provide predominantly electric equipment and some limited propane machines. What sets STONEKOR apart took years of research, passion, field-work, and customer feedback to develop into the company you see before you today.

My name is Brent Wouters, President & CEO of STONEKOR, and I invite you to learn about what’s going on behind the scenes at STONEKOR to deliver you our quality products at highly competitive prices.

STONEKOR Equipment Is Rugged and Powerful
STONEKOR equipment offers the most durable and powerful equipment in the market. We construct our machines with the strongest components to withstand the constant use and wear and tear of concrete grinding and polishing and janitorial applications. With STONEKOR, look for the toughest, industrial-grade, three-eighths-inch gauge steel, exceptionally rugged and efficient gear boxes, robust reinforced drive shafts, durable pulleys and belts, long lasting cables bearing assemblies, and powerful 17-22 hp engines. These features ensure that we deliver exceptional, durable, and long-lasting machines that you can rely upon to deliver the highest quality floors to your customers.

Our Machines Offer Maximum Productivity and Easy Maintenance
STONEKOR equipment is designed to achieve maximum productivity by capturing the benefits of our unique equipment design attributes and propane power. Our concrete grinding and polishing machines achieve superior productivity due to the gearbox’s consistent, stable cutting ability and the machine’s combination of careful weight and balance with strong torque. Further, with propane power, you can safely cut both wet and dry, which results in much less dust, higher quality cuts, and fewer passes. Our machines complete the jobs in less time and for less money in tooling and labor. Lastly, STONEKOR machines employ a simple design that make machine maintenance and repair both easy and less frustrating.

We Make You Successful
Not only do we build our machines to allow for maximum parts accessibility, we can provide maintenance and repair training to your crew. We know that lost operational time equals lost revenue for you, so STONEKOR offers classes and workshops to help you maximize the life of your machinery through self-driven maintenance and repair plans. Of course, our STONEKOR-certified technicians are also available to conduct any maintenance or repairs, should you prefer to have us service your machines directly through us.

Customer Service
Some companies speak about it—we live it. We focus on making our customers successful. We can teach you which machine is right for a job, which tooling to use, and which products would be ideal for your objectives, and why. Once you decide on what you need, you’ll receive it quickly. We have a tremendous warehouse facility with all products on standby to ship within 24 hours of your order placement. Educating our clientele and maintaining easy shopability are two of the many keys to our success.

Your experience with STONEKOR is important to me. We have a tremendous and experienced staff waiting to serve you. If you have any feedback or suggestions for STONEKOR, I would like to hear from you.