G&P Two

The G&P Two grinder and polisher accommodates uneven floor surfaces with its unique floating head design. The G&P Two combines flexibility with maximum power and productivity to achieve a superior polish across all floor surfaces, and the G&P Two utilizes the KOR™ HD Gearbox for maximum torque and durability.


  • Floating Head Design
  • STONEKOR ProCarb™ carburetor
  • KOR™ HD Gearbox
  • Exceeds EPA & CARB requirements
  • 11 gallon / 42 liter water tank
  • Wet or dry operation

Tech Specs

  • Production:800 ft2–1,300 ft2/75-122 m2 per hour-double pass
  • Drum Speed:1,410 rpm
  • Head Speed:840 rpm counterclockwise
  • Head Pressure:785 pounds / 356 kg
  • Grinding Width:30 inches / 0.76 m
  • Total Weight:1,385 pounds / 628 kg