Tracker 3000

Eagle Tracker 3000 offers a highly versatile low profile stripping, burnishing and polishing solution.  The Tracker’s 4″ low profile and robust gearbox drive the two 16″ rotating heads for optimum performance on any floor surface and under any obstacle.  The Tracker utilizes three separate attachments, including one for stripping brushes, one for burnishing pads, and one for 3″ standards, hybrid and copper resins.


  • Tracker gear-driven 16″ rotating heads
  • Multiple attachments for stripping brushes, burnishing pads and concrete polishing resins
  • STONEKOR ProCarb ™ carburetor & E-Zero ™ emissions shutdown
  • Engine kill switch (optional)
  • Exceeds EPA & CARB standards

Tech Specs

  • Production:20,000 ft2 / 1,900 m2
  • Head Pressure:350 pounds/158kg
  • Total Weight:450 pounds / 200 kg
  • Engine Speed:3,600 rpm maximum
  • Pad Speed:320 RPM
  • Pad Size:30 inches / 0.76 m