Concrete Polishing Diamonds

Stoneology diamonds give you the industry’s longest-lasting concrete polishing diamond tooling. Stoneology diamonds are designed to meet whatever need may arise, from coating removal or surface prep, to grinding, honing, and polishing concrete.

We offer diamonds for grinding the floor before adding color or densifier. We have diamond tooling for creating profile so a coating will adhere and also have tooling to remove paint or epoxy coatings. The Stoneology diamonds we offer are known for their durability and high performance. We ensure that all of our components, even down to our diamond tooling, is solid to the core.

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  • Longest Life in the Industry
  • Hard & Soft Concrete Matrix
  • Metal Bond Diamonds
  • Resin Bond Diamonds
  • Coating Removal Diamonds

Product Documentation

Tech Specs

  • Production:40,000 to 70,000 sq. ft. / 3,700 to 6,500 sq. meters
  • Metal Types:Hard, Medium, Soft Bond
  • Metal Diameter:83 mm
  • Resin Types:Dry, Wet, Copper, Hybrid
  • Resin Diameter:83 mm
  • Grits:Metal:6-400 grit & Resins:50-3000 grit
  • Metal Segments:5 seg (soft bond), 7 seg (soft bond), 9 seg (hard bond), 10 seg (medium bond)
  • Thickness:9 mm