You may have guessed from our title that diamonds are a large part of our concrete floor-polishing success. Known for properties far beyond putting a glint in her eye, diamonds are the concrete flooring-industries’ best friend as well.


Next to the robust motors in our concrete polishing machines, our Stoneology diamond tooling is the next most important part in achieving polishing success.

STONEKOR’s floor polishing equipment mimics a process similar to sanding wood. Our heavy-duty polishing machines are equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated disks that gradually grind the concrete surface. Polishing concrete in this manner hardens the surface, reduces porosity and efflorescing, seals out contaminants, and increases compression strength.

We don’t simply use diamond dust or scrap. We carefully source the Stoneology diamonds we use to make the industry’s longest-lasting concrete polishing diamond tool. Stoneology diamonds are designed to tackle grinding, polishing and everything in between—such as paint and epoxy coating removal, surface preparation, and honing.

The most noticeable difference in finished concrete floors when using STONEKOR’s diamond tooling is its superior shine. We achieve this by carefully and equally distributing fine quality diamonds on the polishing disks. This diamond selection and distribution ensures equal scratch patterns in the concrete and produces an unparalleled shine.

Mirror-Like Finish

As you’d expect with a name like STONEKOR, we ensure that all of our components, even down to our diamond tooling, are solid to the core. To learn more about diamond tooling or concrete surface refinishing, please contact us.