Benefits of Polished Concrete At Stonekor, we know there’s nothing much better than a sturdy concrete floor with a mirror-like finish. Concrete is an extremely durable flooring choice on its own. When it’s polished, chemicals react with the concrete to create a naturally harder and more dust-resistant surface. Polished concrete is lower maintenance than other… Read the rest

You may have guessed from our title that diamonds are a large part of our concrete floor-polishing success. Known for properties far beyond putting a glint in her eye, diamonds are the concrete flooring-industries’ best friend as well. Next to the robust motors in our concrete polishing machines, our Stoneology diamond tooling is the next… Read the rest

Concrete does not start out this lustrous. STONEKOR’s machinery makes concrete floors brilliant through fine-diamond surfacing tools, select coloring, and densifiers Read the rest

Propane versus electric – it’s a question we hear frequently relative to concrete grinding and polishing equipment. Both solutions have their merits, and through your decision-making process we want to arm you with the facts about propane’s safe use. Read the rest

Here at STONEKOR, we have built the foundation of our company around propane power. We are frequently asked about the benefits of using propane-powered equipment over electric or gas-powered machinery and how propane fits safely into job sites. Here we answer six of your most common questions: Read the rest

STONEKOR builds concrete grinding and polishing machines, burnishers, and stripping machines to run on propane rather than electricity. We’re sold on the key benefits of propane-powered engines and think you will be, too, once you’ve experienced the difference. It’s a bit like cooking on a gas versus electric range. Seasoned professionals attest to the power,… Read the rest

As a key supplier for janitorial service providers, maintenance outsourcers, industrial businesses, manufacturers, retailers, and facility management groups, STONEKOR understands the significant commitment that is involved in selecting operating, and maintaining equipment and supplies.

STONEKOR is paving the way to success for its customers, with innovation and education at the forefront of those strides.

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My name is Brent Wouters, President & CEO of STONEKOR, and I invite you to learn about what’s going on behind the scenes at STONEKOR to deliver you our quality products at highly competitive prices. Read the rest