27 Inch Outlaw Series Buffer

STONEKOR’s Eagle Brand Outlaw Series buffers offer the most economical solution among the company’s buffers. The Outlaw Series decks are constructed with a very durable aluminum cast deck and high quality components, but the Outlaw Series does not include the E-Zero™ emissions shutdown or kill switch. The Outlaw Series buffers are appropriate for many applications where emissions warning is less important, such as open or outdoor environments. The Outlaw Series come in three sizes including 21”, 24” and 27” decks.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Aluminum LP tank and components
  • Very economical buffing and burnishing solution
  • STONEKOR ProCarb™ carburetor
  • Exceeds EPA & CARB standards

Tech Specs

  • Production:33,000 ft2 / 3,065 m2 per hour
  • Total Weight:350 pounds / 159 kg
  • Engine Speed:3,600 rpm maximum
  • Pad Speed:1,800 RPM
  • Pad Size:27 inches / 0.7 m