27 Inch Onboard Dust Control Buffer

STONEKOR’s Eagle Brand Onboard Dust Control Series buffers offer a new dust control solution to meet new strict OSHA and operator standards for dust control. The Onboard Vacuum System provides 70 CFM air flow from a single-stage 12 volt DC vacuum motor powered by a rechargeable 50 Ah lithium ion battery. A new improved dust skirt improves dust capture and allows the Onboard Vacuum System to perform more efficiently to capture maximum dust particles. The Onboard Vacuum System is retrofittable on any Eagle Dust Control Series burnisher.


  • Onboard 70 CFM filtered dust vacuum system reduces dust to a minimum during burnishing
  • New improved dust skirt captures dust for onboard vacuum to collect
  • Dust collection box offers easy-to-open, empty and clean design
  • Air filter protects 12 volt dc motor

Tech Specs

  • Production:30,000 - 35,000 ft2 / 2,800 - 3,250 m2
  • Total Weight:350 pounds / 159 kg
  • Engine Speed:3,600 rpm maximum
  • Pad Speed:1,800 rpm
  • Pad Size:27 inches / 0.7 m
  • Power Supply:50 Ah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery for Onboard Vacuum System
  • CFM:70