21″ Eagle Contractor Series Buffer

STONEKOR’s Eagle Brand Contractor Series buffers provide a very economical solution for all floor surfaces. The Contractor Series decks are constructed with a very durable aluminum cast deck and high quality components for long lasting performance and easy maintenance. These buffers also contain the STONEKOR ProCarb™ carburetor and E-Zero™ emissions shutdown. Contractor Series buffers come in three sizes including 21”, 24” and 27” decks.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Very economical buffing and burnishing solution
  • STONEKOR ProCarb™ carburetor & E-Zero™ emissions shutdown
  • Engine kill switch
  • Exceeds EPA & CARB standards

Tech Specs

  • Production:23,000 ft2 / 2,200 m2
  • Total Weight:250 pounds / 114 kg
  • Engine Speed:3,600 rpm maximum
  • Pad Speed:1,800 rpm
  • Pad Size:21 inches / 0.53 m